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Designing With LKS Constructions Home Addition Service

A home addition service typically involves expanding the existing structure of a house to create additional living space. This could include adding new rooms, enlarging existing ones, or even constructing an entirely new section of the house. Homeowners often seek these home addition services to accommodate a growing family, create more functional space, or enhance the overall value of their property.


At LKS Constructions, a home addition company, we understand that your home is a reflection of your lifestyle and aspirations. Our team of home addition contractors seamlessly integrate new spaces into your existing home. We enhance functionality, comfort, and aesthetic appeal to your existing space.

Other Services
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Room Transformations: Whether you need an extra bedroom, a luxurious bathroom, or a cozy sunroom, we bring your ideas to life with precision and style.

Second Story Marvels: Elevate your living space with a second story, providing additional room without sacrificing your outdoor space.

Functional Garage Conversions: Turn your garage into a versatile living space, adding value and functionality to your home.

Outdoor Living Spaces: Embrace the beauty of the outdoors with our deck and patio additions, perfect for relaxation and entertaining.

Say Goodbye to Functionality Concerns

  • Growing family? Add extra bedrooms or play areas.
  • Working from home? Create a stylish home office space.
  • Hosting guests? Consider a guest room or in-law suite.
  • Love entertaining? Add a deck or patio for outdoor gatherings.
  • Desire luxury? Upgrade with a spa-like bathroom or gourmet kitchen.
  • Boost property value with functional and attractive additions.

Smart Spaces And Sustainable Living

Tailored Designs: Crafted to match your vision, ensuring a harmonious blend with existing structures.

Smart Space Solutions: Maximizing functionality, optimizing layouts, and adding value to your home.

Sustainable Practices: Implementing eco-friendly technologies for a greener and more efficient home.

Transparent Project Management: Keeping you in the loop with regular updates and timelines.

Quality Work: Elevating your home with superior materials and skilled workmanship.

Innovative Design Concepts: Introducing cutting-edge trends to give your space a contemporary edge.

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Dream Big, Build Bigger – Call LKS Constructions Today

Ready to transform your home? Contact LKS Constructions, located in Milford, today! Our team is ready to discuss your vision, provide insights, and create a plan that suits your budget and timeline.


How does a home addition service by LKS Constructions allow me to expand without the stress of moving?

Enjoy more space while staying in your cherished neighborhood. Our seamless integration ensures your home grows with you.

Will a home addition disrupt my routine, and how does LKS minimize inconvenience?

Our home addition company prioritizes your daily life. Our efficient project management minimizes disruptions, allowing you to relish the transformation hassle-free.

Can a home addition go beyond just adding rooms?

Absolutely! We specialize in innovative designs that enhance both form and function, offering creative ways to elevate your home's aesthetics.

How can LKS Constructions make my home addition energy-efficient?

Sustainability matters. Our additions include eco-friendly materials and smart technologies, reducing both your environmental impact and utility costs.

Does LKS assist with interior design for a cohesive look in the new space?

Certainly! Collaborating with skilled designers, we ensure a seamless transition, creating a stylish home that mirrors your personality.

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